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Eureka Genomics Next Generation Sequencing

Eureka Genomics (EG) is a single source for your Next Generation Sequencing needs. EG offers a range of services from Library Preparation from a variety of sample types to Data Analysis of the sequence. Eureka Genomics now offers next generation sequencing from samples with as little as 1 ng of starting material. The 1 ng starting material is not subject to whole genome or other amplification approaches prior to library preparation. The sample is used directly to generate a library for sequencing Eureka Genomics currently generates various types of sequence data on a Genome Analyzer IIx (Illumina). Click here for information on type of samples, types of sequence data generated, sample quality requirements, sample shipping information, sample submission forms , terms and payment options. Additionally, Eureka Genomics provides extensive post sequence analysis for sequencing performed by Eureka Genomics and for sequencing performed elsewhere. Post sequencing data analysis can be performed on data generated from all types of sequencing instruments. http://www.eurekagenomics.com/

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I-Study: Genomic Interpretation - Who Will Pay?
During this webinar, members of the study review team present preliminary findings of the I-Study, conducted at the Harvard Medical School's 2011 Personalized Medicine Conference.
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